Seminar, Consultancy and Trading


  • Organizing the financing and microlending Business. The market for microlending is huge. Borrowers are mainly business owners, employees, retirees and OFW for their placement fees. Once you are registered with and approved by the SEC you can use the 19 lenders privilege for additional working Capital.

  • Export procedures and documentation. Adequate training on how to start the export business and documentation process areessential in collecting the export proceeds.  Where and how to locate foreign buyers are also discussed. The export marketing bureau of the DTI is fully assisting the would be exporter.
  • Bookkeeping and basic accounting. The attendees will learn how to record in the journal, post to the ledger and prepare balance sheet and income statement. Its only thru accounting reports you will know whether your  business is losing or earning money or profit.


  • How to start and manage your own business. Know first the factors you have to consider before organizing your own business, where to get and how much capital you need, personnel, location and government regulation before starting your business.


  • Guide to Successful Financial Investing - Before investing your hard earned money or your extra savings you must first evaluate the risk involved, interest rates and liquidy of yourinvestment Upon completion of the course you will learn the different investment options like stock market,  SSS PESO fund,  Mutual Fund, and other form of investment.


  • Primer on how to Set-Up Cooperative and Foundation

Both of them are considered as None-profit and non-government organization. They are govern and supervise by different government bodies. The basic rules and regulations will be discussed on how to organize cooperative and Foundation


  • Fees and Taxes of Micro and Small Business - Income tax, withholding tax and value added tax for micro business. How to reduce your taxes by being generous and BMBE Law  of 2002 which grant tax exemtions.


  • Microlending accounting System - The accounting system of your lending business will greatly contribute to the success of your business whether manual or computerized. You must have updated payment reports on your borrowers together with the financial condition of the business.


  • Minimizing credit risk and collection strategy.  The Golden Rule in the lending business is to know “first prospective borrowers before granting loans or credit”. This is prerequisites for business who extend credit in the form of money, goods or services.


  •  Costing your Products and Services.The course will provide you with the basic knowledge in costing your products and services. Know the different factors andconsideration when pricing your products and services.


  • Computerized accounting system QuickBooks. One of the world best accounting software.Ideal for small and medium business in service, trading and manufacturing sector. The software is user friendly. All your accounting reports are just a click away and ready anytime.